Oakview Veterinary Medical Center

2110 JayMar Road
Plover, WI 54467



Come stay with us at Club Vet! 


Club Vet is a fun place to stay! We have indoor suites, fenced in play yards, and a TV with a subscription to "Dog TV."

Cats stay in condos with hammocks. They are housed near the lobby in a quiet place with soft classical music to help them relax.

If you have an exotic pet, we can care for them, too. Give us a call for more information.

Not only is Club Vet fun, but it is veterinary supervised! If your pet becomes ill, we will contact you and address the problem immediately. If your pet already has a medical condition or needs medication given while boarding, that is not a problem! Our certified veterinary technicians monitor all pets each day.

Stop by for a tour!


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You can click HERE for the Pre-Admit Boarding forms